With decades of experience in the outdoors our professional team is here to provide interesting travel advices with blog themes related to rafting, river kayaking, mountain bike, standup paddling, sea kayaking, skiing, backcountry skiing, snowboarding. Environment, sustainable tourism, culture and many other intrinsic themes you shall find here.

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Our rating system will help you navigate the difficulty and differences between our Rides. Rides are designated with the average Technical and Fitness ability for the full multi-day experience.
Ski Voss


New to skiing and unfamiliar with all the ski jargon? Don't worry, we'll get you up to speed. Ski terms, skiing definition, skiing terms and more.
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The gift of adventure

A perfect Christmas Present? Give the Gift of Adventure.   ‘This is…

Snowshoeing Tour: A Beginners Guide

Snowshoeing is a perfect recreational activity to step out of…

The Fine Line between Cultural Appropriation and Cultural Appreciation

One of the best parts about traveling to new countries is being…
Hotel bathroom toiletries in plastic bottles stacked in a red dish.

3 Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste While Traveling

At Outdoor Norway, we put a lot of emphasis on ecotourism, green…
Consumer litter floating in a lake depicting the water pollution from tourism.

The Environmental Impact of Reckless Travelling

Tourism is a global, trillion dollar industry that expands into…
A couple of travelers sit on a Voss mountainside looking at the view of lakes and mountains nearby.

4 Reasons Why You Should Support Ecotourism

As we edge closer to the point of no return with the delicate…
The view of Norway’s ski adventure slopes and gondola.

How to Pack for a Winter Vacation to Norway

Winter in Norway isn’t for the weak. With the exception of p…

The Intersection of Adventure and Nature Enthusiasm

Since tourism is now a billion-dollar global industry, and the…
A group of people pause to look at the view of the mountains and river during a Norway hiking tour.

Hiking: An Ecological Perspective

Hiking is a practice that people do just about everywhere in…
Signs labeling locations on a mountain in Voss, Norway.

Sustainable Tourism Practices You Should Start Embodying

Sustainable, zero-waste, eco-tourism, environment-friendly: these…
A group of people rafting in a rough river near the mountains.

How to Get in Shape Before Your Norwegian Adventure Vacation

Adventure vacations can be an opportunity for the more rugged…
A family goes rafting together in Voss.

3 Tips For A Family Fun Vacation To Norway

Family vacations are one of the most incredible experiences anyone…
Pictured above is a stunning aerial view of Voss, the adventure mecca of Norway.

The Best Time To Visit Norway

Now may not be the time to board that plane and jet off on your…
A view of a valley next to snowy mountains with a town in it at night.

Cultural Immersion & Ski Trips

Eyes growing wide with anticipation as they gaze upon the surrounding…

The Appeal of Nature-centric Wanderlust

For many years, mainstream tourism has focused on leisure, relaxation,…
Two people doing stand-up paddling in a fjord near Voss, Norway.

Geography 101: The Stunning Scenery of Voss, Norway

Nature enthusiasts are likely to find a new favorite location…
A couple of travelers on a downhill hiking trail near Voss, Norway.

How to Experience Nature Sustainably

2017 was the UN’s assigned year of sustainable tourism development, w…
Guests experience an action packed and memorable river experience while rafting in Voss, Norway.

Voss: Why You’re in for the Experience of a Lifetime

Norway is known around the world for the incredible fjords that…
The type of sunset that can be seen on the slopes in Voss, Norway.

How to Make the Most of Your Norway Ski Tour

For those looking to take in the beauty of the natural world,…
Enjoying some exciting splash-action while rafting in the river’s surrounding Voss.

3 Things to Look Forward to in Voss for Nature Lovers

FOR NATURE LOVERS At first glance, Voss is well known as the…
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Are you looking for something out of the ordinary that will challenge your mind, body and spirit? Do you want to get wet, ride waves, and learn to navigate whitewater? Then sit down, fasten your skirt, and hold on tight: river kayaking in Voss, Norway, may just be your new hobby.
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Voss has become a central player in the world of outdoor adventure activities. Rafting is by far at the top of the list, standing as a family-friendly adventure for all ages. Choose between canoeing, flow rafting or whitewater rafting, and enjoy Voss from a new perspective!
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Norway has all the ingredients for an awe-inspiring singletrack mountain bike adventure. Check out our 7-day adventure-packed itinerary that not only showcases amazing singletrack, but also paddling and culinary experiences.
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COVID-19 and measures from Outdoor Norway. Our goal is to continue to provide amazing experiences to our guests while keeping us all safe. Thank you for your patience!
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Blog written by Sanne Boertien & Herbert Schröer during an autumn visit. September we had the great opportunity to go and discover Fjord Norway! This beautiful region in Norway is well known for its fjords, mountains, glaciers and many outdoor activities.
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